Student Handbook » Attendance


Students are responsible for attending school every day the district is in session. Poor attendance usually results in poor academic progress and may lead to retention in the same grade for the following year. Excused absences are as follows – necessary family trips where prior arrangements have been made with the Principal; emergencies due to an accident; illness; family medical emergency; injury to the student requiring medical attention. All absences must have a written note turned in to the office the day the student comes back to school. Any absence for which a note is not received will be considered unexcused. Unexcused absences include: missing the school bus; family vacation; student leaving school grounds without permission; coming to school but not attending class; any absence for which a note is not received. Doctor and dental appointments, as well as other non-medical appointments, should be made after school hours or as late in the day as possible. Students are not to miss an entire day of school due to scheduled appointments.
Pursuant to Arizona State Statue §15-803 “It is unlawful for any child between six and sixteen years of age to fail to attend school during the hours school is in session.”
Your child should be in attendance daily unless they are ill. Our goal is to educate the students; this is not possible if the student is habitually truant.
Unexcused Absence and Tardy Consequences
  1. Notice to parents/guardians at 3rd unexcused absence/tardy.
  2. Students may receive an hour Detention on the 5th unexcused absence/tardy.
  3. Parent/guardian will receive a warning of possible referral to the Attorney General after eight (8) unexcused absences/tardies.
  4. Referral to the Attorney General at 10th unexcused absence/tardy.
When a family is referred to the Attorney General fees and/or fines may be imposed by the Yuma County Juvenile Court.
Leaving Early/Arriving Late
Parents/Guardians who pick up students before the end of the school day can cause the student to miss valuable instructional time. Please do not pick up your child early from school. This leads to your child missing direct instruction from his/her classroom teacher.
Upon late arrival the students must stop by the office for a late entry pass. Students may be marked absent for ½ day if they miss more than 2 hours of the school day.
Returning to School after Absence
When a student returns to school after being absent, he/she must bring a note from their parent/guardian and deliver it to the teacher. The note must state the day(s) of absence and the reason for the absence. The note must be signed by a parent/guardian. Parent/guardian may also call the office to excuse an absence; however, a note is still required for documentation.
All K-3rd grade students must attend the school that is in their attendance zone per the Gadsden School District’s board approved attendance zones. Students in grades 4-6th that are in schools other than their attendance zone may request a transfer back to the school in their attendance zone to be with their younger siblings, but K-3rd students may not request a transfer to a school outside of their attendance zone to be with older siblings.